Orthotics & Braces Vaughan

Orthotics & BracesCustom orthotics and braces are considered the right things for patients who are facing acute or chronic pain or ache in the body. These can relieve you from pain, and reduce your problems and discomfort.

At MajorMac Physiotherapy & Wellness, our team of trained and specialized physiotherapists provide custom orthotics fitting and braces to our patients. We will help you to reduce your every problem and discomfort, and make your life peaceful and comfortable. Our orthotics are designed to give you full support and every joint of your bones requires support to keep the movement smooth and light.

We will help you in correcting your foot, knees and muscle irregularities and solving your every problem. Our team of qualified physiotherapists will carefully assess your joints and posture to get you the most appropriate solution for your condition.

Why Do You Need Braces?

You do many activities from day to day, but feel tired and pain, then it is difficult for you to perform your daily activities. Braces help you in this condition to relieve pain and make your physical activity easier to do.

Wearing braces helps in recovering from injury faster, and returns you in stable condition. It is advised to use braces for a long time if you are suffering from a permanent injury. Our physiotherapists will explain you the benefits of using braces and orthotics.

Our Service

At MajorMac Physiotherapy & Wellness, we provide quality and specially designed orthotics products to provide you with the right support. If you suffer from uncomfortable plantar fasciitis, heel pain, knee and back pain, orthotics are an effective and non-invasive treatment options to opt for. We have:

  • Back braces
  • Foot orthotics
  • Knee braces
  • Ankle braces
  • Wrist braces
  • Shoulder braces
  • Elbow braces
  • Thigh braces

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