About Us

MajorMac Physiotherapy & Wellness MajorMac Physiotherapy & Wellness is a trusted and reliable physiotherapy and wellness facility in Vaughan. We have a team of qualified and skilled physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and osteopaths who are committed to ease the ongoing pain of patients and help improve their movement and performance.

Our team knows how muscle pain and strain can restrict your day to day activities and follow the right procedures, tools and equipment to provide proper treatment to patients of all ages. We are your one-stop wellness destination for all sorts of chronic and acute body pain.

Our Mission Statement

We have made an achievement in our work by striving to provide an effective treatment to the patients. With all the needed knowledge and training, we assess the needs and conditions of our patients and provide customized or personalized treatment plans. Our registered physiotherapists are qualified and trained; we treat patients who are suffering from a muscle sprain or strain. Our focus is on helping patients to live a free pain and calm life.

Improving Your Health & Hygiene

At MajorMac Physiotherapy & Wellness in Vaughan, we are available all the time to help you and care about your health and life. If you are suffering from muscle strain, sports injury or any kind of pain, or swelling, schedule a treatment session with us.

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